I want my kids to join your class. Is it possible?

We accept elementary school students.
It would become dark outside after the class and that would be dangerous.
For elementary and junior high school students, we would like to ask you to take care of your children before and after class.

What should I prepare for the class?

Initially, sportswear will do as far as you can move your body without hesitation.
We recommend wearing Aikido-wear when you get used to Aikido. But you can also use Karate-wear or Judo-wear if you like.
You can use wooden swords or canes which are installed at our dojo for the time being.
You can buy your wooden swords or canes after you accomplish a certain level.

Is there anything to do when I have to be absent from class because of my sickness or work?

No need to inform us. You can come at any time you can.
We’d appreciate it if you can tell us in case of a long absence.

Can I have a tour or a free trial?

We welcome tours and free trials. Please feel free to apply.
You can apply from the “Contact us” page.