Dojo Tour and Free Trial

Whenever I see terrible news that women and children became victims of crime, I always think it might be a good idea to learn Aikido to protect yourself.

By practicing Aikido, even weak women and small children can handle and control strong opponents.

Let me tell you the case that we heard from one of our parents whose daughter was a member of our club.
She was in grade 3 in Aikido at that time. She had been a bullied child at school. One day, a boy was trying to push her away in the hallway. She made a quick step aside and controlled him by reflex action.
She came to get some self-confidence after that incident and could escape from being bullied.

You can have some room in your heart by learning techniques of “protect yourself”.
Holding enough room in your heart, you can get a wide field of view, which makes it easier to keep away from any dangers.

“Controlling the opponent without hurting” is the philosophy of Aikido.
If you feel sympathy for it and would like to learn techniques to protect yourself, I recommend you to book for a Dojo Tour or Free Trial at an Aikido dojo near you.